Sunday, January 20, 2008


My objective is to post about Virtualization, Open Source, Servers and get and Education in the process hence VOSS. This blog is a tool where I can organize my thoughts, documenting my research, and potentially solicit feedback while taking into account my interests and preferences.

Software Goals
I want to utilize off the shelf open source software so that whatever I do can be easily duplicated and at low cost by myself as well as others if they are so interested. I want to use Linux and BSD based software solutions whenever possible.

Potential Software Solutions

Voip - Voice Over Internet Protocol
HTPC - Home Theatre Personal Computer
Filer Server
Hardware Goals
I also want any hardware that is going to be used to be cost effective and environmentally friendly. I want to use articles like this to help guide me in my decisions: How to Build a Green PC

Next Steps
  1. Better define what I want to accomplish
  2. Create initial list of questions
  3. More research on protocols
  4. Start list of must have vs. nice to have features

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