Friday, February 15, 2008

Some Random Notes

I still have not clearly defined what this server will need to perform. A good list of some things I may want to consider was found at the ClarkConnect Comparing Software Editions Page.

I took Openfiler off the file server list because I could not find a 32bit version. It also appears the last release was put out almost a year ago.

Applications with a web interface are very appealing from a ease of use and flexibility of administration aspect. I believe ClarkConnect, SME Server and FeeNAS have web interfaces.

Distributions like Ubunutu Server and Annvix have less appeal due to the amount of set-up and command line involved to get a working system. It would probably be a great Linux learning opportunity but I want to initially get something up and running that is simple before I more on to more complicated systems/projects.

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