Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Using an Orange Pi PC and RTL-SDR usb stick to feed ADS-B data to the ADSB Exchange

In my last post I outlined the steps necessary to load an .img file so we could get a functional OS on the Orange Pi PC.

A fun project I wanted to try out was to start sending aircraft ADS-B data to an online service.

This post will outline what hardware you will need and how to load RTL-SDR drivers, Install ModeSMixer2 and ModeSDeco2 and configure the software to feed the ADSB Exchange.

I ended up using the following commands:


./modesdeco2 –gain 49.5 -–web 8000 –sbs10001 10001


./modesmixer2 –inConnect –outServer sbs10001:10002 –outConnect

For more commands – visit the source site at:

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