Saturday, March 15, 2008

Astro Gets Fragged

I eliminated Astaro from the list based on my previous post. I have also read in many other forums that Astaro can be hard to set-up. It would have been the only SUSE based solution, which was also a deciding factor.

Three camps have clearly formed:

BSD-based solutions: very lightweight and robust.

Debian-based solutions: Lots of options with the potential to roll my own (based on the number of tutorials I have seen on the web).

Red Hat-based solutions: Large file sizes are a concern, but there are many options that are well-known and robust.

Outstanding Decisions:
  • Do I want to mix and match the best solutions or stay with the same distro base, therefore compromising on solutions, but knowing that management will be potentially easier in the long run?
  • Roll my own solution (distro with packages) or use off the shelf distro solutions?
  • Run multiple Virtual machines or lump all of the packages under one distro or hybrid?
  • Pursue a home solution or a more robust SOHO solution (one computer vs. multiple physical machines)?
I found some interesting server tutorials over at debiantutorials that I need to check out:

Debian Etch as Server
Debian Linux file and print server: NFS, CUPS, LPR
Stream your music with gnump3d
Simple local web server on Etch
Web Server on Debian Etch

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