Saturday, March 8, 2008

Going 103M over security

Continuing from January, here is the latest list when it comes to security applications:

* Untangled - It has been getting good reviews but it seem like it wants lots of horsepower (Ram,CPU) to run well. I like the concept of a "virtual rack" of security tools with and easy to use GUI configuration tools.

* ClarkConnect
* IPcop
* Smoothwall
* mOnOwall
* redWall - I have eliminated redWall because it has not be updated in over 18 months and I have been unable to find many comments about it on-line. Reading some of the post at the redWall forums site gave me the impression the project is somewhat in limbo.

* Gibraltar - I eliminated Gibraltar because it is BIG (622 MB) Compare this this mOnOwall which is only 8MB! I also read several reviews saying it was hard to configure and install. The following feature looked pretty cool as pointed out at fsckin w/ linux “Anonymisation Gateway: The Gibraltar Anonymisation Gateway makes your overall network traffic anonymous and it makes sure you can surf in the internet anonymously.”

* Devil-Linux - I took it off the list because it just does not seem as polished and mature as the other solutions under consideration. This is a very competitive category with many well established players.

I read a good review of linux/bsd firewalls over at fsckin w/ linux:

Seven Different Linux/BSD Firewalls Reviewed

He tested the following solutions:

Firewall Graph

He concluded his review buy selecting pfSense. Based comments after the review he has decided to update his review and compare several move firewalls.

I have a few new options to check out:

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