Monday, March 3, 2008

List Fodder

I have been tinkering with a few potential solutions and have narrowed the list down further. I have pretty much decided to go with VMware as virtualization solution. I findly found some good tutorials on its use and have been using it sucessfuly. I also got somewhat scared of using VirtualBox as a solution on a production server based on some comments I heard on the Linux Outlaws Podcast and comment posted on various support forums. I also have to wonder what the Sun acquistion of InnoTek will mean for VirtualBox in the coming months.

I am torn becase VirtualBox is open source while VM is propritory code....

I am more intrested in PBX In A Flash based on a blog post over at Poor Man's Tech. I was aware of the trixbox phone home flap and that issue left a bad taste in my mouth fueling desires to find an alternative. (I am a current trixbox user)

I have not even looked at the HTPC solutions but hope to narrow the list soon.

I have added Debian as the basis for a potential file server and maybe more after reading some information posted at
About Debian Linux

Going to put security on hold right now until other solutions are narrowed down.

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